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Mlada ljubiteljska skupina s sanjami po velikih projektih in drznih zgodbah.

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Kratka zgodba: Riot Sunday


Vojna veterana dveh različnih vojn se srečata za intervju.

“So... What happened in ’41?”
The old man put the picture back onto the coffee table.
“They surrounded us. The older brothers ran. There were three of them, and they were all shot in the forest. But my parents were too old to run and too sceptical of the whole thing. My father kept saying how they won’t hurt us because we have neighbours that will vouch for us.”
“Did they?”
“Of course they didn’t. They were afraid. Everyone was afraid.”
“They were cowards then?”
“No, you mustn’t look at it like that. Things aren’t that simple. I mean, half a year before that? Yes there were political debates in the air, but no one wanted those Ustasha in charge. But what can you do when great men play their games with lesser men?”
“You fight back.”
“And some did. And after a year or so, it got better, and in a couple of years we won. But history isn’t just years; it’s days as well. How do you survive the days between the years?”